Ethiopia frees abducted Briton Andargachew Tsege on death row

Andargachew Tsige FamilyBBC News:  British citizen Andargachew „Andy“ Tsege, who was being held on death row in Ethiopia, has been freed. He has been greeted by jubilant relatives and supporters at his family home in the capital, Addis Ababa. The Ethiopian government had accused him of plotting a coup and he was sentenced to death in absentia in 2009.
Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson said he was „pleased“ with the development and praised his department’s staff for their „tireless“ work on the case.
Almost four years ago, Mr Andargachew was apprehended at an airport in Yemen while in transit and turned over to the Ethiopian authorities.
He denied the charges and was pardoned on 19 May, along with 575 other inmates, as part of the Ethiopian government’s current effort to promote reconciliation.
Mr Andargachew, a father of three, fled Ethiopia in the 1970s and sought political asylum in the UK.
He was the secretary-general of banned Ginbot 7 (15 May) movement, named after the date of the 2005 elections that were marred by protests over alleged fraud that led to the deaths of about 200 people… read more 


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