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Issuance of Tourist visa at Bole International Air Port
Under the following circumstances tourist visas can be issued on arrival at Bole International Airport: –
  1. Foreign tourist, who is coming from countries that are not listed as tourist generating countries and from those countries that do not have agreement with Ethiopian regarding issuance of visa on arrival, can enter to Ethiopia by obtaining visa from a nearby Ethiopian Mission. Nevertheless, if tourists from such countries wish to get visa on arrival at the airport, they are expected to get approval from the Immigration and Nationality Affairs Main Department in Ethiopia by sending a request by the following address: –
    Main Department for Immigration and Nationality Affairs
    E-Mail: – mdina@ethionet.et
    Fax No. : – 00251 1 55 32 09
    00251 1 56 49 81
    P. O. Box: – 5741 Addis Ababa
  2. For foreign nationals, even though there is an Ethiopian Mission, who are coming from internationally recognized tourist-generating countries of which the list is shown below and who are permanent residents in these countries, single or multiple tourist visas valid for 3 months can be issued.
The following are considered to be tourist-generating countries.

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