Teff – an Ethiopian Grain Grows in Germany

Harvesting Teff – an Ethiopian Grain Grows in Germany is gluten-free, it is healthy, frost and drought-resistant, easy to grow and store. This wonder Teff comes from Ethiopia and is now grown in many places, including Europe. Three sorts of Teff are being cultivated in the Netherlands. Three years of trials have cost the company running the tests three million euros. But eventually, five percent of the profits will land in Ethopia. German farmers have carried out a Teff harvest for the first time this year. 150 Teff seeds are as big as a grain of wheat, so they are not hulled, but ground whole to make a highly nutritious flour. An estimated 80,000 people in Germany suffer from a gluten intolerance known as celiac disease. They cannot eat wheat, rye, barley or oat products. There is no known medication for the condition, and Teff may prove to be a boon to these patients, as more and more German farmers begin to show interest in the grain. See more

Über Ethiopian Cultural Center

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