Solomon Mekonnen, Ethiopian Airlines Austria

solomonmekonnen1-e1455628239101-1050x788Ethiopia is Africa’s oldest independent country and its second largest in terms of population. Ethiopia is widely known as the only country in Africa, besides Liberia, not to be colonized by a European power. This month Ethiopians and Africans are celebrating the 120th anniversary of the battle of Adwa. This battle was fought on  March 1st, 1896 between the Ethiopian empire and the Kingdom of Italy near the town of Adwa in the Tigray region. Ethiopian forces under the leadership of Emperor Menelik II defeated the Italian Army sent to conquer the Empire. During the twentieth century, many African nations adopted Ethiopia’s flag colors of green, yellow, and red to proclaim to the world, we too are free as our Ethiopian brothers and sisters. Not only the african flags are an ethiopian legacy on the Continent. With Ethiopian Airlines – founded 70 years ago – Ethiopia is showing Africa as the last frontier of Globalization.

Ethiopian Airlines is the largest, fastest growing and the most profitable Airline in the African Continent.  In its seven decades of operations, Ethiopian has become one of the continent’s leading carriers. Since the beginning of June 2014 Ethiopian Airlines serves Austria with four times a week flight which in this Winter was reduced to three weekly flight and which will be increased to four times a week starting July 2016.

Mr. Solomon Mekonnen who has been working the past 25 years for the company is the regional Director of Ethiopian Airlines in Austria and Eastern Europe including Poland, Ukraine, Czech Republic, Slovakia and Hungary. In this interview with simon INOU he speaks about Ethiopian Airlines´s new challenges to dominate the African Sky and its policy to show the  new emerging faces of the mother Continent Africa.

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Über Ethiopian Cultural Center

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