Amharic as a Mother Tongue Language

At Austrian schools, students whose mother tongue is not German and children who have grown up bilingually may elect to take between 2 and 6 hours a week of instruction in their mother tongue. Amharic

a) as an elective exercise (unverbindliche Übung) -at primary school (Volksschule – grades 1 to 4) -at special school (Sonderschule – grades 1 to 5)

b) as an elective exercise or elective subject (Freigegenstand) – at general secondary school (Hauptschule – grades 5 to 8) -at primary school – upper bracket (Volksschuloberstufe – grades 5 to 8) -at special school (Sonderschule – grades 6 to 8)  – during the pre-vocational year (Polytechnische Schule – 9th grade)

c) as an elective exercise (unverbindliche Übung) or elective subject (Freigegenstand) under the current school autonomy – at academic secondary schools (allgemein bildende höhere Schulen) – at medium-level vocational schools (berufsbildende mittlere Schulen), such as business schools (Handelsschulen) – at higher-level vocational schools (berufsbildende höhere Schulen), such as business academies (Handelsakademien)

Elective exercise (unverbindliche Übung): Students selecting this option do not receive a grade in their annual report or school report, or in the case of special students in their school attendance record.

Elective subject (Freigegenstand): Students selecting this option receive a grade in their annual report or school report, or in the case of special students in their school attendance report.  Class organization:

1) in parallel with classes: students are taught in a group during normal class hours 2) as part of a class: instructors for mother tongue classes work as a team with the class/subject instructors 3) afternoon classes (if not enough students register for a class, children from different classes and schools can be taught in class together).

Participation in these classes is voluntary and free of charge, but we recommend that you take advantage of this option for your child. Language skills imparted at home can be reinforced and improved. Students who have a good knowledge of their mother tongue often do better in German and other subjects.

The principal’s office at the school your child attends has further details on e.g. languages, number of hours a week and which schools offer mother tongue instruction.


Desta Alemu

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